Trained in Suicide and Againist Suicide Occupational Occupational Workforce Solutuions

Aykut Güner


Meslek İntiharı

Yazar Adı: Aykut GÜNER-Elvan OKUTAN

Yayın Tarihi: 2017/ Sarajevo-Bosnia

Sayfa No:492



It is defined by Donald W.Cole as a career suicide, creative, sociable, talented, well-educated, intelligent people who suddenly take steps to negatively affect their career in the business.

Many of them are successful in business, as opposed to all employees who remain on the sidelines. Persons who would be a good administrator, professional suicide is dragged to, and does not know what to do to reverse this process. The manager and the deterioration of other elements in size although they have become less useful to the enterprise does not know what to do in order to change this trend.

In this study, the factors that cause these factors to reveal the professional to commit suicide and is intended for the determination of policies for the prevention of. This direction of the profession in the process of suicide are explained along with the factors that will facilitate the solution of problems, the factors are ranked.




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